My Works

My Works

Eddie’s 2 Go (Atlanta, GA) Level III: Online-Ordering

Chinese-American restaurant also serving wings & burgers. Fast and attentive service for an easy take-out experience.

Giving Spring (Irvine, CA) Level III: E-Commerce + Multilingual

An online gift shop specializing in Taiwanese sweets

Yummie Street Food (Houston, TX) Level III: Online-Ordering

Serving a variety of delicious made-to-order drinks, including milk teas and smoothies.  Authentic snacks include Banh Mi, Korean Wings and Sweet Potato Fries.

Cajun Fuze (Houston, TX) Level II

Beijing Wok (Houston, TX) Level II

Pho Hai An (San Antonio, TX) Level II

Home of fresh and delicious Banh Mi, refreshing Spring Roll, hot and flavorful Pho!

Pho Hai An.png

Diamond Nails (San Antonio, TX) Level I

Family-run professional nail and skin careDiamond Nails.png

Taqueria Garibaldi (San Antonio, TX) Level I + Bilingual

Taqueria Garibaldi.png

The Prime Restaurant (Phoenix, AZ) Level I

An Authentic Mom and Pop’s Chinese Restaurant


Ground Control (Phoenix, AZ) Level I

Destination Gastropub, Wine Bar, Gelateria and Coffee Shop


The Venetian Salon (Twentynine Palms, CA) Level I

Beauty salon providing lifestyle nail and skin care


Jelly Donut (Twentynine Palms, CA) Level I

Donut shop serving variety of donuts, coffee, and drinks